Sewer Camera Inspection

What is a Sewer Camera Inspection?

A sewer camera inspection is the most effective method at diagnosing main sewer line issues such as frequent backups, root intrusion, and deterioration due to age. With an inspection, our team is able to view the condition of the line to provide the most comprehensive and cost effective solution for permanent repairs.

Who Should Perform Sewer Camera Inspections?

In order to protect your property, only licensed and insured plumbers should perform sewer camera inspections. Houston, and the surrounding areas, home and business owners can rely on the team at Got Flow Plumbing & AC to accurately locate causes of frequent sewer backups and perform expert repairs.

Sewer Camera Inspection Process

Effective diagnosis with a sewer camera inspection requires tracking exact footage of the main sewer line, the depth, and the location of problems inside of the pipe. If diagnosis is off, even by a little, it could change the cost and scope of repairs.

Access for performing a sewer camera inspection typically requires ground level main sewer line cleanouts. If cleanouts are inaccessible, our team can use roof access or pull the toilet and scope the line through the flange.

If a customer does not have a cleanout installed, or it is buried, a sewer camera is important in providing an estimate for new cleanout installation. Cleanouts provide easy access for sewer line snaking and preventative maintenance services.

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Sewer Repair

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